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Global Distribution/Funding-How can we help?

If you are an emerging growth company in the biomedical, medical device, biotech or pharmaceutical industry, the opportunities for expansion in a global market must be analyzed.  The Asia-Pacific region, specifically China, with its increasing base of consumers having more discretionary income and increased wealth, creates an ideal environment to tap as new markets for technology adoption.

China’s rapidly growing economy creates an attraction and those companies that fail to act quickly can find themselves shut out of this market by competitors that had the foresight for early entry.

This process can be challenging and difficult.  To be successful you must be able to navigate the political, regulatory and cultural issues, to establish long-term cooperative partnerships and strategic relationships. With our understanding of Chinese policies and with appropriate connections (quanxi), we can help American enterprises navigate these treacherous pathways through Chinese policies and regulation.

We can assist you in developing the right market and distribution channels for your product, as well as find the right Partners for a strategic collaboration or Joint Venture. We can assist in the regulatory pathway through the SFDA (Chinese regulatory Board) and submissions for approval.

If you are in need of further funding of your enterprise to allow expansion or growth, we have the resources to assist this process.  We have access to capital and/or debt financing to accomplish your goals as you continue to grow your revenue either from new market entry or by acquisition.  We can help identify projects in the Asia-Pacific regions or closer to home and can offer advice on specific approaches and negotiating strategies. We can provide advisors with an in depth knowledge of business practices, legal issues, cultural and regulatory concerns, all necessary for a successful entry into these lucrative markets.

Finally, a highly effective means to control manufacturing costs is outsourcing of production to the increasingly technical Chinese manufacturing community. The concerns for protection of intellectual property can be addressed and the appropriate manufacturer identified.  Important elements in an outsourcing relationship can be painful experiences, but the right strategic plan, intensive analysis, and  assistance can prevent catastrophe and lay the groundwork for a truly rewarding outsource implementation policy.

Consultation, Assistance, Service

•    Identify Distribution Opportunities, Partners, Joint Ventures
•    Guidance for Product Registration (SFDA), Regulatory Issues
•    Intellectual Property Assessment
•    Develop Successful Business Strategy
•    Marketing/Analysis
•    Manufacturing/Sourcing
•    Investment Advisory
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