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With the recent stimulus package for healthcare of $120 Billion USD, China will embark on an ambitious path to make basic pharmaceutical and medical services more affordable and available to the 1.3 billion population. The State Council plans to build a medical clinic in every village and at least one hospital in every county by 2011.  It plans to subsidize insurance premiums so that at least 90% of the population has basic medical coverage.  There are plans to build 29,000 medical centers and 2,000 hospitals, as well as upgrade existing facilities.  Rural areas are the main focus of the China Government reform, seeking to narrow the urban-rural health gap.  This will translate into tremendous business opportunities.

Large hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai have access to the latest imaging and medical equipment while the rural healthcare facilities rely on older medical equipment, some up to 30 years old.  This presents an opportunity for medical device companies to supply the necessary equipment for rebuilding the rural healthcare infrastructure. Expansion of the medical infrastructure will benefit makers of medical devices, vaccines and companies that specialize in medical imaging, diagnostics and electronic medical records.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, many companies are expanding their sales forces, distribution channels, and research operations in China to tap into the robust China drug market, expected to grow at 22 per cent annually over the next five years. With a huge and aging population, rapid urbanization and adoption of Western lifestyles that give rise to hypertension, obesity and other diseases, China is poised to become the world’s third largest pharmaceutical market by 2013, up from its current No. 5 spot. The $24.5 billion (USD) market is expected to swell to $78 billion by 2013.

BioValleyChina, Inc. is poised to take advantage of this growth in Healthcare infrastructure spending and technology development.  BioValleyChina, a US based biomedical and pharmaceutical technology incubator will bring the latest biomedical and pharmaceutical technologies from the US, and other developed countries, to China Scientific Parks leveraging a team of experts with Western management skills and biomedical research expertise.  The company is composed of a team of Professionals and Venture Capitalists to ensure the success of our projects from a technical/operational aspect as well as early funding support. Our business model is to incubate/develop our technologies to inflection points before out-licensing, e.g. at the end of a phase II clinical trial. The entire length of incubation is typically 2-3 years, allowing Investors an exit on their investment at that time.

We will take advantage of the resources that China has to offer including talent pool, skilled labor, government funding support and other strategic opportunities with outsourcing of R&D, CRO, and manufacturing resources as needed.  This platform will allow BioValleyChina to take emerging companies and their products from their early development stage through pre-clinical testing, proof-of-concept and “first-in-man” evaluation to clinical testing with subsequent registration of the product by the SFDA.  This will be done in the most cost effective and efficient development of the latest pharmaceutical and medical technologies in China for the global and China markets.

BioValleyChina will mitigate the risk of entry into the China markets. Recent developments within the China biomedical industry including the increasing ease for clinical testing outside the US by the growth of China-based CRO’s, SFDA guidelines in China more often mirroring the FDA processes, and the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines of the FDA, allow for these products to grow from pre-clinical status to clinical testing and subsequent licensing or commercialization.

BioValleyChina specializes in all areas of biomedical technology including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic testing. Our professional team is skilled in all fields of the latest development including strategy, organizational management, and process oversight and funding opportunities. Presently BioValleyChina, Inc. is evaluating all opportunities within certain Scientific Parks to choose the right Partnership. 
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